Monday, October 27, 2008

Goodbye curls.....hello little man!

My baby is growing up way too fast. On Saturday we took him for his first haircut. No more beautiful blonde curls...... but it was time. He was such the little man sitting there like a big boy in my lap while the nice lady cut his hair. I took his portable DVD player with us because I just knew he would not be still long enough to cut one snip of hair much less a whole head of hair. So he sat there in my lap, watching his favorite Elmo DVD and snacking on his banana puffs. He barely moved. Occasionally he would turn around in my lap and look at me as to say "Mommy, are you still here?"

The beautician said that he won the best behaved baby award.....she obviously does not know the power of banana puffs and Elmo! She saved his curls in a ziplock bag and gave him a "First Haircut Certificate". He looks like a little man now intead of "my baby". Gone are the days when he would let me rock him to sleep and actually sit still long enough for me to sing him a lullaby or read him a book. Oh how I miss those days!

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Elizabeth said...

Ohhhh!! I remember W's first haircut. He wasn't still, but he wasn't crying, he was laughing. He is never still.