Monday, October 20, 2008

I guess I should be careful what I wish for!

A few weeks ago the baby finally started walking. He was "cruising" around the house holding on to the chairs, the walls and anything else he get his hands on until finally it happened. He just let go and walked clear across the room. I have to admit, when I saw him do this for the first time I had a lump in my throat and it took all I had to hold back the tears (if you are a parent you will understand).

The baby was a little late learning how to walk. We took him to the doctor about 3 weeks ago for his 15 month check-up. I was a little concerned because he was 15 months and had not started walking on his own. Most babies, from what I had heard and read started walking by at least 13 months. His pediatrician did his exam and watched the baby "cruise" around the exam room without letting go. After examining his ears, his pediatrician determined that he had fluid on his ears and said that the fluid could cause the baby to feel like he is off balance, keeping him from wanting to let go and walk on his own. He prescribed nasal spray to help clear up the fluid in his ears and 3 weeks later he is walking.....Yippee!

I wish I had pictures to post of him walking but to be quite honest I can't keep him still long enough to take a picture. He has definitely been keeping me on my toes the past few weeks which partly explains why I have neglected my blogger duties. Hopefully I will have pictures to post at a later date. Uh Oh....gotta go. I hear the baby dragging my pots and pans out of the kitchen cabinet. That is his favorite thing to play with now....mommy's pots and pans.


April said...

Oh, you're about to embark on a very fun time!!! Everything is going to be new and exciting now that your little one has learned to walk. You'll soon learn that you have to keep an extra close watch on him. They can get away from you faster than you ever imagined and into all sorts of trouble. Personally, it was one of my favorite stages and I really miss it. There's nothing like seeing the world through your child's eyes.

Enjoy each and every second because they fly by, oh, so fast. Trust me, my oldest daughter is almost 17!!! My "baby" just turned 12. :(

Daphine said...

First thing first...glad you're back!

Sorry, I was laughing while reading your post tonight. I remember this time like it was yesterday. There will never be a dull moment with little man now walking. lol! You'll do fine though.

Angela said...

Yeah! And you will be on your toes now for awhile... he'll love to explore what he couldn't really get to before!

I remember when mine took off - they haven't stopped!

Enjoy this sweet time!

Elizabeth said...

You have no idea how fast this goes by. But now, the walking and then the first words what a great age. Video as much as you can, even the littlest things, lide dragging out pots and pans. I miss my babies!!